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Business Spotlight of the Month: Meet Nicole Buratti, Sex Coach and Functional Nutritionist

Updated: May 2, 2022

Meet Nicole Buratti! Nicole is a certified Sex Coach and Functional Nutritionist serving NJ and NYC. Read on to learn more about her and how she can help you with pelvic floor and hormone imbalance.

Tell us a little bit about your business.  How do you work with new moms or moms trying to conceive?

I am a Certified Sex Coach and Functional Nutritionist. I specialize in pelvic floor and hormone balance. I work with women to balance their hormones before, during, and after having a baby. Second, I help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and to work through any trauma affecting their pelvic health. Some of my clients are trying to conceive while others had their babies years ago.

As a sex coach, I work with women (and men) who want to reconnect with their partner. Often times, while trying to conceive or after having a baby, the dynamics of intimacy change for one or both of the couple.  I offer support, education, and ideas for reigniting that spark so that you can both enjoy more intimacy and better sex.

I have offices in Manhattan and Red Bank. I also see clients virtually by phone or video chat. I love what I do.

What made you choose the field you are in?

Sex Coaching is not a popular field but it is very much needed. I found that women were afraid to talk about sex, their hormones, and what’s up down there. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t discuss sex and hormones unless you bring it up. It’s just not their jam but it is mine!

After learning from my own experiences and being left to my own devices, I realized that this was a very needed area for women. I decided that my mission would be to break the taboo around talking about sex and really focus in on sexual health as a health and wellness subject. Your sex appetite is a monthly report card on your emotions and your hormones. It deserves to be looked at closely because you can learn a lot about yourself and your relationship with this information.

Tell us about your family life.  Do you have any children?  What are their ages?

I am mom to three boys. Charles is 14, Julian is 8, and Axel is 5. We live at the Jersey Shore with our wild and crazy Vizsla named Duff, Kitty Kat, and two guinea pigs.

What can we find you doing when you are not at work?

I am obsessed with yoga, Pilates, and healthy cooking. In the summer, you can find my family and me on the water or at the beach.

What are your professional goals?  What are your personal goals?

I am a writer and that is the heart of my business. Writing is what makes the lifeline of my work flow through the veins of my coaching and public speaking. I am authoring my first solo book and have three co-authored books.

Learn more about Nicole and her services by visiting

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