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Providing you with just the right amount of support is what we do best.  We don't believe in "packages", instead we work with each individual family to come up with a customized plan that feels just right for you.  Whether it's one day or twelve months, we can meet your needs, wishes and budget.

In addition to the services listed below, we also offer classes and boutique style events to help prepare you for your sweet arrival.

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Postpartum & Infant Care Support

Postpartum & Infant Care Support

It’s no secret that babies are demanding little bundles of love, joy and drool. But it’s also no secret that new parents can easily find themselves overwhelmed as they navigate the needs of their newborn on little to no sleep, while recovering from the birth.

Medical Providers Encourage You To... 
  • Take it easy…

  • Sleep when the baby sleeps…

  • Lower your expectations…

But At East Coast Baby Co. We Say…
  • Take it however YOU want it!

  • Sleep often and let your body recover!

  • Multiply your expectations!

We say these things with confidence because that is what your postpartum experience will involve when you hire us!

When you engage the supportive services of a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula from East Coast Baby Co. you are hiring a postpartum and newborn baby expert who will become an extension of your goals, desires, and philosophies!
At East Coast Baby Co. we understand all of the nuances that surround this delicate and vulnerable time in a growing family’s life.

Your doula will explore all postpartum recovery and newborn care options with you. She will discuss early parenting philosophies and feeding choices with you. She will minimize your self-doubt, and maximize your self-care! But it won’t stop there!

​Our clients can expect support in the following areas:

  • We recognize the realities associated with postpartum recovery from vaginal and surgical birth

  • We have studied and trained to provide comfort and care for babies and their parents

  • Feeding humans is part of our expertise! Breast, bottle, or a combination of both: we've got you covered!

  • We are experts at maximizing sleep

  • We are awesome sibling-care providers

  • We handle day-to-day light housekeeping tasks

  • We meal prep and make easy to grab snacks

  • We meet your needs!

  • We are trained to recognize the early signs of postpartum mood disorders.

Infant Feeding Support

Infant Feeding Support

One would have you think that feeding an infant is easy; no big deal… Ummm… They would be wrong!

Feeding an infant, whether they are being offered a breast or a bottle comes with a myriad of challenges. Some physical, some education based and certainly some emotionally charged.

Compassionate Expertise

Having the compassionate expertise, and the committed support of Laura Fitzgerald, the owner of East Coast Baby Co., personally supporting you through the first year of feeding your baby will drastically reduce stress and confusion. Having the constant affirmation and insight as to what is “normal” and what is not, as you navigate feeding your baby, will prepare you and your little one for tremendous success.

Just the Right Touch of  Support

With just the right touch of support you will feel empowered to make choices and implement strategies that support the feeding options you choose. Feeding a baby is no joke but the ongoing, unconditional support of our very own expert will prepare you for any challenge along the way.

What We Bring Moms:

  • Compassion

  • Understanding

  • A variety of options within the chosen feeding philosophy

  • A shoulder to cry on

  • A source of education

  • A sense of normalcy

What We Bring Babies:

  • Patience

  • Understanding

  • Comfort

What We Bring Families:

  • Confidence

  • Strength

  • A sense of peace

  • Increased rest

  • Overall satisfaction

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Sleep Consulting

Sleep Consulting
Newborn, Infant & Toddler Sleep Support

Everyone knows that newborns sleep a lot. But did you know that baby sleep changes frequently over the first year?


While it’s normal to struggle with your baby’s sleep, at East Coast Baby Co., we can help you meet your baby’s changing needs and teach healthy sleep habits from the very beginning.

Society says…

x Never wake a sleeping baby

x If your baby is crying, it means they’re hungry

x Keeping your baby up longer during the day means they’ll sleep better at night

√ It’s ok to wake your baby (to eat, or to balance their day/night sleep)!

√ Babies cry as a form of communication—it may mean they need food, sleep, a diaper change, snuggles, or something else!

√ Sleep begets sleep!

We Can Help

Let us help you lay a healthy sleep foundation for your children!


A mom of two, owner Laura Fitzgerald sleep trained her own children at an early age because she valued sleep, and she knew that both her children—and her whole family—would benefit from being well rested. She feels strongly that by teaching independent sleep skills, you are giving your child a life-long skill.

Sleep Support You Can Trust

At East Coast Baby Co., we know that if your baby isn’t sleeping, you’re not sleeping either.


Your sleep consultant will discuss in detail the issues you’re facing with regards to your baby’s sleep habits, and offer solutions and support options that align with your parenting style, will best support your child’s sleep needs, and help you achieve your sleep goals.


And before our time is through, we’ll arm you with the confidence and knowledge to support your child’s changing sleep needs as they grow!

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