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Business Spotlight: Meet Dr. Kyle Klim, Owner of Pleasantly Pregnant

Meet Dr. Kyle Klim, DC, CST, CHC! Dr. Kyle is a Chiropractor, Certified Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Health Coach, labor and birth Doula, and Owner of Pleasantly Pregnant. He is passionate about bringing an all-encompassing approach to care to give you the best pregnancy and birth possible. Dr. Kyle also brings his services right to you making him incredibly convenient. Read on to learn more about Dr. Kyle and Pleasantly Pregnant!

Tell us a little bit about your business. What makes you unique? What type of services do you provide that new moms or moms-to-be might need?

One of the unique qualities about my business is that I am fully mobile. I do not have an office, so I only make house calls. Some other aspects that make it unique is the variety of techniques and services I can provide all in one. I can offer Chiropractic, CST, nutrition help, pregnancy and birth coaching. Through my experience earlier on in my career, I knew there were gaps that needed to be filled in the pregnancy and birth space in order to create better birth outcomes, bring healthier babies into the world, and have parents recover easier after baby has arrived. I was seeing too many babies that had birth issues, illnesses, and interventions happen that could have been avoided with better information and preparation pre-conception and during pregnancy. I decided I wanted to take on that role and try my very best to support families every day to make the Pleasantly Pregnant experience happen. 

What did you do prior to opening Pleasantly Pregnant and what made you decide to open up your business? 

I’ve been a Chiropractor for over 13 years, Craniosacral Therapist for 7, health coach and birth coaching technically for 4 years, but I’ve done my own version of it many years prior to that. I was working with an office, and during the height of COVID, I had clients that did not want to leave their homes, yet still needed and wanted care. After one asked me very nicely if I could do a house call, that style of practice got very busy, very quickly. Not long after that, I decided to make the jump to leave an office setting completely and operate by myself as a house call only practitioner. It's been amazing. 

Tell us about your life outside of work!

Outside of work, I’m a food nerd. I love to cook…especially for other people. I love to find new and different restaurants, and food experiences. Art and furniture are another hobby where I collect pieces that speak to me so I get to enjoy them in my place every day. I grew up in Pennsylvania, so a lot of my family is still there, as I've been in NJ for nearly 10 years now. If I come to your house, and you have a dog, we are immediate best friends, and I will want to take your dog home with me. Each year, I like to plan travel to places I haven’t visited before to see things I’ve never seen, eat new foods, meet new people and culture, and take some time off.

What are some of your favorite local businesses? 

OOOOOO….I love this question. This could be a long list. 

-Zen Den Center for acupuncture: I have been going there for years, and they are truly amazing. -The Well in Belmar: Jamie Coppa runs the Well as a space for families to learn, play, grow, and thrive in a very holistic manner. 

-A Simpler Path Homeopathy: Cynthia Hildabrand, DHOM is a fantastic homeopath, practitioner, and person. I refer to her on a regular basis 

-The Bloom Foundation: a non-profit started by Lisa Tremayne who is also the head of the PMAD program based out of Monmouth Medical Center. She also has began Momma retreats to give moms a well needed break and recovery time. 

-Atlantic Naturopathic: Based out of Red Bank, Drs. Michele and Olivia help you get healthier with Naturopathy in a very welcoming and approachable way. 

-Flourish Feeding: Alicea Sabella ICBLC, who also operates on a house call basis is the best lactation consultant out there. 

-Body + Soul + Being Wellness in Bayville: Stephanie Bello owner/operator utilizes many massage practices and other modalities to help you be your best. 

-Local 130 seafood in Asbury: healthy, wild caught seafood of the best quality. Much needed to have a great pregnancy 

-Dutch Hill Farm Market and Butcher in Spring lake: Matt and Michelle bring you the best in meat and other general store items. 

-East Coast Baby Co! 

I could probably go on and on, but Ill start there haha

What areas do you serve? 

All of Monmouth and Ocean County, and parts of Middlesex county

Interested in learning more about Dr. Kyle? Be sure to follow him on Instagram @drkyleklim or visit his website at



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