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Business Spotlight: Meet Kathryn Kapoor, Owner of Blow Co., Shrewsbury, NJ

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Meet Kathryn! Local mom and owner of Blow Co. They provide balloon garlands, columns and arches in Monmouth County. Read on to learn more about Kathryn and how she can help you with your party decor!

Tell us a little bit about your business. What makes you unique? What type of services

do you provide that new moms or moms-to-be might need?

I do balloon decor for party decorations, backdrops, anything to help make the festivities

pretty! I love creating a perfect spot to take a picture! As someone that always preferred to be

in the background at parties this has been an ideal role for me

I also strive to be affordable. I know these creations can run a pretty penny, and I pride myself on charging much less just because of my original sticker shock for my sons party. I am blessed that this is not my family’s main source of income, so I am able to price low. Also, selfishly, I like to stay busy:)

What did you do prior to opening Blow Co. and what made you decide to open up your


I was an analyst at a hedge fund prior to having my son. It was a very stressful headspace

every day, and I could not imagine continuing in postpartum as I was slammed by postpartum

anxiety and depression that crippled my headspace for a long time.

After getting help, and a fantastic therapist, I was putting on my sons second birthday party,

and I wanted an arch for people to walk under into the party. I was quoted some ridiculous

numbers, so I became hell-bent on doing it myself. The first try was not pretty, nor were the

second or third, but lots of popped balloons and practice later, I think I do some pretty great


Tell us about your family life.

My husband and I am Mahim have been married since 2019. We met online and

ironically enough we lived about 50 yards from one another already! In 2021, after quite

a bit of treatment and help from the lovely Dr Holden at Damien Fertility, Thomas was

born. He is now two!

What can we find you doing when you are not at work?

I am an avid runner and exercise enthusiast although these days I get most of my steps in chasing Thomas around. Since I like to stay busy I'm always dipping into my little balloon office to prep.

What areas do you serve? What is included in your packages?

I do balloon decor, backdrops, centerpieces, columns, anyway I can help decorate!

I don’t charge any ridiculous miscellaneous fees, other than special vinyl signage for my

backdrops as I outsource that! I try to stay in Monmouth county, if anybody wants help outside of that, I always try to accommodate by making them something they can take to their venue themselves! I have several parties next month that are in Staten Island that the clients are picking up from me themselves!

To see more of Kathryn's work or to contact her for your next party, visit her on Instagram @BlowCo_inmoco or Facebook @blowco.inMoCo.



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